Do you really believe to not have enough creativity?

The title of this post is a kind of provocation. As my friend said in his post “importance of creativity”, creativity is fundamental in today competitive world.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people if put in front of the question “are you a creative person?” would probably answer “no, not at all” or I can imagine a lot of persons who shares my background (electronic engineering) that probably will answer “of course not I’m a concrete person and I look at facts, formulas and numbers…”.

Well, probably few months ago my answer would have been the same, but after some months spent during my MBA the answer is a little different.

So what is it creativity? Well the answer is not easy and I’m not pretending to give you a complete and exhaustive definition, I just want to illustrate my point of view.

The word “creativity” comes from “to create”, so we can say that a creative person is someone able to create something. But in order to create something you need to have a base, a background, something to start from. We can imagine that creativity is very similar to the drawings that kids make. What they do is to try to represent the world according to what they know and according to the stimulus that they have received in their life. And it is impressive how the quality of the drawings improves the more they practice and the older they became. The reason is that they start to fill their background with more and more information and the new drawings start to be more complex, more precise and more “creative”. Basically they have more and more contents where to pick up something in order to create something new, or at least that looks new from their point of view.

When you became an adult the process is almost the same. The process of creativity is simply the ability to put together all your knowledge in order to create something that is out of the box, that looks different or that is different, but different from the point of view of the others which are observing “the creation”.

So keeping in mind my initial question “are you a creative person?” the answer is “of course I am”. I am a person with a unique combination of knowledge and this unique combination is giving me all the bases for been a creative person.

I’m really convinced that everybody is a creative person, the problem is that a lot of people don’t even realize that and tends to think always in the same way or to give up at the first problem. Being creative is not easy, it’s hard because first of all you must improve your base knowledge and secondly you have to force yourself to look out of the box, to think differently (or laterally) and to use all your ability to create connections, to pick up from different subjects, to use every insignificant piece of knowledge you have acquired in order “to create something that nobody has done before”.


4 comments on “Do you really believe to not have enough creativity?

    • I think that routine and discipline is fundamental for improving your knowledge and your base abilities (think how much discipline you need to get an MBA) but these are just instruments. Then you have to make the “jump”, you have to be able to “zoom out” from the daily routine in order to cultivate your creativity too. I’m not convinced that creativity is just “inspiration”, creativity is much more hard work to find always the inspiration and to train yourself to think “out of the box”.

  1. Hello!

    I love this post! I share the belief that everyone is creative, regardless of the stereotypical idea of a creative person, but I love your unique outlook on this. I had not considered that it is our own histories, our own “unique combination of knowledge” that truly contribute to our ability to be creative and different. In blogging about boldness I have stressed the idea of being different, and here you show how that very factor is where our creativity comes from.

    I have written on the importance of “Why be Creative?” and feel that in creation, whether it be by creating a family, a painting, or even shed in the backyard, you have put yourself into a piece of your life. Creation is self afirming, so everyone has the ability–they simply need to put it into action.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback and especially thank you so much for your article on creativity. I think you expressed very well the concept of creativity and I share 100% your thoughts. By the way my background is Electronical Engineering and I never had passion for arts as you have. But it is amazing as from different backgrounds and experiences we are coming to similar concepts and perspectives. Thank you.

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