Are you trustable?

The title of this post is not new, is something that is bouncing in my head from some weeks ago. I remember that I read an article about that (“Do your people trust you?“) and what I clearly remember is the most important question that every manager should ask themselves: “Are you trustable?” The answer could seem easy or maybe silly, but probably could be not so easy if made like this: “Do your employees define you as a trustable person?” The answer probably in this case is not so easy and could sound like “I don’t know” or even worst “I don’t care”.

But let’s start from the beginning. What do I mean when I say trust? Well, trust for me is a very deep and important form of relationship. Trust means that you “believe” in someone else’s words, in its motivations and that despite a possible disagreement his words have a great value and impact on your behavior (in the positive sense). When you trust someone you are going to do things that you normally don’t do by yourself. That you are going to consider way of thinkings, aspect of your life and so on in a different way, only because you trust him! When you trust someone is because you believe that he owns your respect. Been trustable for me it means that I put something of myself, thoughts, expectations, williness, energy, professionalism, in your hands because I think that this is an investment. And this investment is paying back for the “trust” that I have invested on you. So “trust” is kind of investment, probably the most important and risky investment that we have at our disposal.

Coming back to the first question “Do your employees define you as a trustable person?” Because if the answer is not, then how could you pretend they believe in you and that they do what has been told them to do? And if the answer is “I don’t know” then I think you have to hurry up and start to “know”. It is not something that you could analyze later. It is absolutely fundamental for yourself, for your career and for the relationship with the others. Sometimes we are too much focused in our own improvement that we do not realize that the key point of our improvement is the relationships that we have with our colleagues, with our employees, with our customers.

If you want to have the maximum from the people working for you, you have to give them the maximum of yourself. And that maximum is to be trustable! Is something that you have to be, despite the difficulties, despite the changed situations, despite any kind of challenge that you are facing or obstacles to overcome. Been trustable is the most important investment that you could make in your life.


2 comments on “Are you trustable?

  1. Trust is really not easy to achieve. Trust takes time to build, and mere seconds to destroy. I think what you are referring here is being genuine in a professional manner. You cannot say, “please trust me”, or “I am trust-worthy” to your subordinates. The manager has to demonstrate he/she is trustable in his/her daily manners. I don’t know about it in Europe, but in the States “trust” is something you earn, not given. People do not trust you simply because you are some famous people or celebrities. People trust you because they see what you have done to the company, to them, and through your decisions. “Trust” is earned just like “respect” is also earned through actions. Good point when you say “you have to give maximum of yourself”. But in my opinion, giving your maximum might not gain that trust. If giving your maximum means you are being dishonest, or practicing some shady acts in business, then you will still lost the trust from your colleagues.

    Just my two cents on your topic! It’s an interesting subject to discuss.

    • Thank you very much Chris, you interpreted exactly what are my thoughts. I think that the subject is quite complex but you summarized correctly “Trust takes time to build, and mere seconds to destroy”.

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