The signature that you put in the things that you make

I have the opportunity to work for a company which develops products. Developing or making products have a great impact on the feeling that you have when the product is available – you can touch it with your hands. It is not the same when you work in a company which is more focused in the services or in commerce.

Anyway despite the sector, business or industry, there is always something that you developed and that have involved you in the business of your company. Sometimes is something really tangible (an object) sometimes is something very creative (a design or a project) and sometimes is something very difficult to observe (your management style).

In any case, in all this processes you are involved in the creation of something, in the participation of  a project, in giving your contribution to a final result or simply in being involved in the decisions, strategies, supporting ideas or proposing new ones and so on. But all in all this is a kind of “creation process”.

The creation process is something that gives you the most satisfaction in your life – you have the feeling of being useful. And the most important thing that happens in this process is the fact that anything that you do has a kind of “signature” inside. It is the signature of your experience, the signature of your creativity, the signature of yourself.

Speaking about myself, I have worked with a lot of electronic designers, some of them are my colleagues, some of them are not colleagues anymore, some others are competitors (or I am the competitor). But if it happens to me to see a product designed by one of my colleagues, I’m immediately able to recognize the signature and contribution of all of them to the project. And this happens also for my designs. For example, recently I have been involved in a very brief analysis of a product of one of our competitors. And at the first glance I’ve been able to see my signature inside the device. Parts of the circuit were my ideas, my contributions and my efforts – they copied me.

In theory I should have been upset, but to be honest my first feeling was to be pleased. Or better, I was proud. I was proud to have inspired someone else. I was happy because my signature was inside this product too. If someone is copying you is because they believe that your work is good.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we can influence the world around us and we forget the importance of our unique contribution to the projects where we are involved. We do things and we do not realize how much we are involved and how much we leave a signature in all of them.

My object for my future career is to be paid for the signature that I will be able to put on the things that I will do and for the signature that I will be able to leave in the people around me – my unique contribution to their professional and personal life project.


4 comments on “The signature that you put in the things that you make

  1. Great post Ivan. To extend from your point of view, I believe our “signatures” exist not only in the professional world we are in, but our signatures exist in everyday lives – at school, in family, as a friend, in sports. For example, your attention to detail at work also carries back to the way you participate on school projects etc. Your signature permeates in different aspects of your life and they influence one another in subtle but profound ways. And I agree with you that when someone copies you, somehow it makes you feel proud and pleased. For me I will feel a little irritated as well 🙂

    • In that particular case I was not irritated because the irritation came before and for other reasons. When I realized that they just copied our work, it was a kind of confirmation on the fact that we make good products and this is why people is copying us.
      Anyway I appreciate your comments about the signature and I should say that it is true for you too.

  2. Dear Ivan I completely agree with your point of view and I just add that the most important signature you can leave in this world is the one you give to your sons as they will grew up following your life model and style…and you won’t be never irritated if they copy you!

    • Hi Daniela, thank you for your comment. I agree on the fact that you will never be irritated if your sons are copying you. In this case it is very difficult to balance on how much you want to “influence” your sons with your signature and how much you want them to develop their own signature. This is the challenge of being a parent and for sure is the most challenging and difficult job that you can apply for, and you cannot give up…

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