How to restore lost trust

To build trust it could take years, to destroy it you need just few seconds.

The trust is like a plant, you need to take care of it, you need to feed it, to give water and minerals and so on. But when a plant is suffering it takes a lot of time to restore it to the original splendor.

The same is valid with our relationships and the trust that we create with them.

Here is an hit parade of how to restore a lost trust (from position 10 to 1):

10. Set an example,every single day

9. Be competent, committed and act with integrity in your business

8. Be aware of stakeholders’ requirements

7. Make your own position clear: “walk the talk”

6. Build and cultivate long-term relations

5. Accept and admit mistakes

4. Have consideration for and respect partners, competitors, stakeholders

3. Accept controlling and feedback as necessary control mechanisms

2. Say what you think and do what you say

1. Treat others as you would like to be treated or better treat others as they would like to be treated



This post is based on a presentation that I have assisted few weeks ago made by Emilio Galli Zugaro, head of Group Communications in Allianz.